R&R Solar and Electrical


When you are in need of a professional electrician, we are here to help with your electrical installation and faults. All of our electricians services the Western Cape region to help you out with your electrical problems and needs. Our electricians do a wide variety of electrical work including installations, lighting, wiring, circuit breakers that trip to name a few. The Certificate of compliance is the guarantee of our work done to give you peace of mind for a safe installation.

We are professional installers of solar and can give you a wide selection of solutions to suit your needs. From off grid to on grid back up to solutions to suit your specific needs. This is especially help full when load shedding interrupts your electrical necessities, or if you just want a greener way of getting your electrical supply.

With solar grid tied we can give you a close estimate of how much you will save on your municipality bill and work out how long it will take for the system to pay itself back. For a 5kw system it may be as little as 5 years, after that electricity from the solar supply can be seen as free.

Why not contact us and start the journey into the future with renewable energy.

“R&R” Our energy plans are projected to help you deal with your energy expenses as a result could give you less expensive bills.

We are fully qualified and registered electricians and provide proffesional services and sales to the residential, commercial and industrial sectror. Services and sales we provide:
-Electrical products, installations, alterations, maintenance, repairs & COC’s.
-Solar power(off grid, grid tied, ups systems) and battery back up products, installations, alterations, maintenance, repairs & COC’s.
-Airconditioning products, installations, maintenance, service & repairs.
-Solar geysers & heatpumps installations.
-Consultations for any electrical project or queries you have.
-Custom designs and simulations of solar powered systems.
-Energy audits
-Energy efficient lighting installations/conversions. Convert all your lights to LED and save on electricity cost.
And many more services available….. If there is electrons flowing through it then we do it.

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